Monday, December 27, 2021
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Sean Doron on How His Songs Became Super Hits Over Time

Becoming an underground DJ is much more than mixing a few party songs. Sean Doron, one of the stalwarts of…

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Becoming an underground DJ is much more than mixing a few party songs. Sean Doron, one of the stalwarts of the electric music genre, believes that if you want to become a successful DJ, you need to be creative with your music. You cannot keep mixing the same songs and expect to remain a superstar for decades. 

Sean is an Israeli DJ from Tel Aviv who now gets invitations from popular fashion shows and music festivals. He says, “Your audience will eventually get tired if you keep repeating yourself. If you want to become popular for years, you need to pick your genre and start making some good music. It may take time to develop your fan base, but once you do, they will stick by you for years, even decades. When I started back in 2007, people hardly knew me. I could have easily played songs on requests and become a temporary hit DJ. But I was more enthusiastic about exploring the electronic music genre, and that’s how I became popular over time.”

The response to Jasmino

According to Sean, diversity is crucial for any musician. “You cannot play a similar rock tune and expect your songs to become superhits every time. They may top the charts for a few days, but that’s it. That’s why I try to bring variety to my music. And I feel that electronic music gives you that freedom to improvise or experiment with your tunes.” 

When Sean released Jasmino, people loved it instantly. They said, “Jasmino is like that melody that you want to hear during sunrise or sunset. It has that magical vibe that gets you in the groove within a few minutes. You can play the same song on loop for hours and still won’t get bored.” Sean believes that experimenting with your music will pay off sooner or later. His first album became popular much later after people started hearing his latest songs. 

Cala Comte – Sean’s biggest hit song

Cala Comte is now Sean’s biggest hit, especially when you see various audio and video streaming platforms. His fans request this song every time he plays anywhere. But you will be surprised to know that the song didn’t even make it to the top-ten list when it was first released. Sean said, “It takes time for the audience to develop a particular taste for a specific genre. The Beatles did not happen in a day. Similarly, some other DJs may take a few years to become famous. 

When I released Cala Comte, I didn’t expect it to become so popular after a few years. I was still experimenting with my music, and it seemed a suitable time to release the song. Little did I know that it would go on to become one of the biggest hits of my career. But I think it’s the magic of the floaty and ethereal vibes that made the song so captivating for everyone.”

If you want to become a famous DJ like Sean, you should decide which genre suits you the most. Keep experimenting in that genre, and you may well become a renowned DJ in a few years.