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Natalia Elenkina on Using the Internet as a Portal to Modeling

The internet gives us more opportunities to be spotted by an agent than ever before. Social media has become a…

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The internet gives us more opportunities to be spotted by an agent than ever before.

Social media has become a portal through which millions of youthful-minded people have been able to find fame. Whether that fame is then used to pursue a career in modeling or whether it is used to launch a brand, it is the same thing. The face you put into your social media accounts is the face of your new business as much as it is your brand. In some instances, it is both.

How to Use Social Media to Become a Model

Although Natalia Elenkina got her start in the modeling world by signing up to Instagram and uploading a few paltry photographs, she already had an idea of what she wanted to do and a portfolio in her favor. When you first sign up to social media and upload some photos, don’t expect to become a model overnight. It will take persistence to build your brand, just as it would if you were doing a business.

Take Care of Your Brand

The sooner you start to think of your modeling career as a business, the better. When you do this, you will begin to consider your body and style as your assets. You will start to look after it, eat better, exercise, and develop a good skincare routine. All of this comes as motivation when you start to build your career through social media.

Getting the Images Right

Whether you are branding a business or selling your image, you need to take the perfect picture to progress as a famous social media model or influencer. To do this, no less than a professional photographer will do. If you have to take your photos, invest in great equipment. Avoid the selfie stick until you know your angles. Practice posing in the mirror and, of course, always take more than one pic, so you have various shots to choose from.

Perfecting the Hashtag

Hashtag use is problematic if you don’t understand the concept. Applying a hashtag to a word allows it to be easily searchable through various social media sites. It also allows further grouping into demographics that you can reach when you use them. Using the hashtag #FridayFeeling reaches out to all those ready to party for the weekend, whereas using #Humpday reaches those working hard on a Wednesday.

Firing on All Cylinders

Applying all of the above elements will give you a good foundation, but don’t forget to spread out, too. There’s more than just Instagram to become an influencer on…, and we can’t all be Natalia Elenkina, can we?