Saturday, March 12, 2022
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Jay Pareil on the Future of Rap

The rap artist is responsible for the hit single “Digital Math” on what the future holds for young rappers. The…

The rap artist is responsible for the hit single “Digital Math” on what the future holds for young rappers.

The artist formerly known as Joseph A Irving III has got it all. From fast cars to fancy women, he has dipped his toe in the pool of luxury and come out better off. Now that he has earned the respect of a generation of devoted rap fans, he is turning his attention towards what the future might hold. 

Jay has managed to have a glittering rap career that took off after his first single dropped. His art takes a hands-on approach, his rhymes learned and memorized his crew tight, and his brand, luxury. Jay Pareil is living the luxury rap lifestyle that attracts most new rappers to the business… but he got there through sheer hard work and dedication.

A Bit of Background

Jay Pareil is only 26 years old. At such a young age himself, the rap star has had a glittering career in the Los Angeles rap scene. Jay released his first single back in 2019 and has exploded onto the scene ever since. Idealistic as it seems, he was already years into his rap career before his hit single broke. 

Jay hails from Philly, where he spent his youth spitting rhymes on the streets for enthusiastic audiences. He gained a massive following before he ever got his name anywhere near the internet. It was this massive following which catapulted him to Instagram fame with only a few posts. 

By his mid-20s Jay was ready to take the world by storm, growing an audience outside of his state and getting to grips with the music scene. As a rapper, his natural urge is to avoid the spotlight… Instead, his fresh beats and rhymes met with rapturous fans – and a touch of jealousy-inspired-anger from those that envied him.

With all this success under his belt and a constant, steady stream of new material coming our way, we wanted to know what this YouTube success story had to say about the future of rap as we know it.

Jay Pareil on Rap’s Future

Jay Pareil reckons that the future holds even bigger opportunities for the modern rapper. The internet and video channels have given them a huge platform from which to create. If you set yourself up correctly, think about your brand and what you want to achieve from the outset, you could have the winning formula to be tomorrow’s next big thing.

Melodic rap is going to be a winner for years to come. Jay says that rap with a melodic beat is favored by the public. If you want to open the world of rap up to larger audiences, that mainstream-driven attraction to melodic sounds is only going to intensify.

Finally, Jay says he sees the future of rap as developing as open a plan as the world of publishing has become. The old rules have been shaken off, the modern music scene doesn’t need the myriad of labels and producers that it did before. The future of rap is a level playing field… and we can’t wait to see what happens next.


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