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David Revuelta is Staying in Shape for the Camera

Spanish musician David Revuelta made his money from tunes – but his fans want more than just music. Madrid-based Spanish…

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Spanish musician David Revuelta made his money from tunes – but his fans want more than just music.

Madrid-based Spanish musician David Revuelta has had more than he bargained for out of his social media followings. He started out making music in his bedroom and, during lockdowns, he decided to take the leap and upload those tunes for all the world to hear. So now you can find him on Spotify, delighting the earbuds of thousands of monthly listeners. 

David has been in the music scene for mere months, yet he is already doing immeasurably well. This is especially true of his social media channels, where fans demand that he reveals more than just new sounds.

David Revuelta: Accidental Sex Symbol

Aged only 20 years old, this young musician never intended to become a sex symbol. But, as it happens, many of his followers pointed out the one fatal flaw which distracts their attention away from the music: David Revuelta is hands-down gorgeous, and they can’t get enough.

Whether it be posed shots with the setting sun, a cheeky pic of him on his phone, or a glimpse under his shirt, fans are increasingly interested in his appearance over his music. While they may be brought into the world of Spanish music because of his songs, most of his fans are staying for his good looks. 

It was this handsomeness that hooked thousands of fans virtually overnight. Between his Instagram accounts and his TikTok accounts, David Revuelta has picked up tens of thousands of followers, all of whom send thousands of messages, likes, follows, and shares every day. But, unfortunately, while this is great for his ego and image, it doesn’t help him create music.

What’s it like to be a social media star?

We asked David what it was like to be an overnight social media success, and he confesses he is a little embarrassed by it.

“It’s a strange thing to be internet famous. Like… nobody knows you are walking down the street; I have all these devoted fans in various parts of the world. It is cool. I’m not going to lie. The attention is nice.” He confessed to us when we managed to have a video chat with him. David Revuelta maintains that being a sex symbol is flattering but not a career goal.

‘I want to make music that blows your mind. Suppose you find me attractive too, well then. That’s just life. I’ll take that.’ He added. 

What’s Next for David Revuelta?

With all this attention on his abs, we will be swooning along with any future tracks that he gets laid down. David plans to use this newfound fame as a springboard for reaching new followers with his music. Being famous for being handsome is one thing, but his first love is – and will always be – the music he makes. 

If you want to join the David Revuelta success story, it’s not too late to say you were his fan from the beginning. So hop on over to his website and get clicking. You might end up becoming an inspiration for a future song.


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