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Angel Investor DJL Dato Jonathan lim Talks Business

We interviewed Malaysia’s no. 1 entrepreneur to find out his big plans for the future. Q: Good morning DJL Dato…

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We interviewed Malaysia’s no. 1 entrepreneur to find out his big plans for the future.

Q: Good morning DJL Dato Jonathan lim; it is so good to have you with us today.

A: Thanks to you for having me. 

Q: We will try to keep it brief because we know you have a hectic schedule. Can you tell us a bit about what you are doing at the moment?

A: Sure. I am still carving out a name for myself in the world of social media influence. I didn’t set out to have a massive Facebook following; it just happened due to my many business contacts. After a few years of starting up and selling on successful businesses, it turns out that you meet a few thousand people or so. 

Q: You’re also on YouTube; what do you do there?

A: I run a channel that’s part motivational, part business advice, part current trends in the corporate world. It aims to keep those too shy to chase their dreams up to speed with what it will take them to do so. I want to help people to get up and go for it, you know? To help them create the life they want for themselves, instead of waiting on others to do it for them.

Q: That’s an admirable path. You were recently found working on security projects; how is that coming on?

A: Well, my main business is as an investment firm. We invest in thousands of small projects every year to help other companies get off the ground. If you have the drive, determination, and business ideas to back them up, we will likely sponsor your vision and see it through to fruition. 

The Social Security Department and the PDRM in Malaysia contacted us about investment in a new security alarm. The crime rate tends to be relatively high in my home country, and they wanted to do something about it. This new system is a touch alarm that allows anyone in danger to silently call for help without the assailant knowing that you have done so. The device aims to help thousands of potential robbery and crime victims in the coming years.

Q: But that’s not all you do, is it? We can see by your profile here that you have so many more achievements than that…

A: Yes, I do other things. I started in IT but then moved to media and communications. After I bought and sold a few firms, I made my first million at 32. By 35, it was up to ten miles, and I haven’t looked back since. My portfolio keeps growing, especially now that I have added property development and construction to my skill set.

I think I will always be a trainer and motivational speaker at heart, though. That is my first love. My work as a consultant gives me the most pleasure.

Q: Well, you certainly are one of the busiest men we have had the chance to interview. Thank you for coming today, and we can’t wait to see what you do next.

A: Thank you for having me, and have a beautiful day.

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