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A Complete Care Guide for Fall and Winter Fabrics

Taking proper care of your garments can be a tedious and difficult job when there are tons of fabrics to…

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Taking proper care of your garments can be a tedious and difficult job when there are tons of fabrics to keep in mind. In winter, we usually wear delicate fabrics like wool, cashmere, furs, and shearling. As they are so delicate they require extra attention and care while cleaning. 

If you were wondering how to clean your favorite winter pieces and keep them in pristine condition, you are at the right place. Here is a complete care guide for fall and winter fabrics. 

  • Cashmere and Wool

Cashmere and wool items are supposed to be washed every 3 to 4 wear and are one of the easiest winter fabrics to clean. Soak them in lukewarm water with a cashmere and wool detergent. After 10 to 15 minutes of soaking, move them around and then drain them out. Rerun them through cold water again to remove the remaining soap. 

After that just press them to remove excess water and let it dry completely by reshaping it. 

  • Fur and Shearling

If you are dealing with real fur or shearling, it is best to follow the instructions on the tag. Some specific items should refrain from machine washing, wet cleaning, or ironing. In that case, just take it to a trusted dry cleaner. 

Besides such clothing, fur or shearling coats can be washed in a high-efficiency washing machine in a gentle/ delicate mode. You can also keep the jacket or coat inside a mesh bag for extra protection. Make sure you are using only a gentle detergent with cold water. Also, if you are hand washing, do not wring the clothes out of the water. 

  • Velvet

You can just throw the velvet pieces in a washing machine. Not if it’s an expensive gown, just take it to dry cleaners. But most velvet items can be washed in a machine with few extra steps. 

Firstly, flip the garment inside out and place it in a delicate bag. Wash it with a gentle detergent on the cold mode and low spin. Ensure that you are washing them with similar delicate pieces. Do not wash them with denim. Make sure you are hang drying your velvet garments. Also, use a steamer to remove any wrinkles. 

  • Down Filled Jacket

If you live in an area where there are harsh winters. You need a down-filled jacket to survive. It is necessary that you first read the instructions on the tag as it can vary from style to brand. Lightweight jackets can be washed in the machine with special down detergents. Dry them on low heat and fluff them in between to ensure there are no clumps in the coat. You can also use wool dryer balls to ease up the process.


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